Henry John Wayne American Legion Tribute no. 889 of 1000


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Brand new John Wayne Commemerative Henry Big Boy, chambered in .45 LC
Model H006CR

The rifle is brand new, and has never been fired.
It comes with a certificate of authenticity, numbered 889/1000.
16 inch barrel

Comes with hard case, and the white gloves.

Now, America Remembers, with authorization from John Wayne Enterprises, proudly announces the John Wayne American Legend Tribute Rifle, a handsomely decorated firearm issued in remembrance and tribute to this distinguished American and legendary Western film star. Each John Wayne American Legend Tribute is issued on a working Henry Repeating Arms Big Boy Carbine in caliber .45 LC. Henry’s motto is “Made in America, or Not Made At All”, and I can’t think of any motto John Wayne would appreciate more.

For the first time, two symbols of American values come together to create a classic piece of firearms history. Craftsmen commissioned specifically for this project by America Remembers decorate each John Wayne American Legend Tribute Rifle in 24-karat gold and gleaming nickel with elegant scrollwork and blackened patinaed highlights to accentuate the details of the artwork. Each Tribute features a 16.5” octagonal barrel with an American walnut shoulder stock and forend, and a large-loop lever.

As proud Americans, we love our country, and it means even more when our heroes feel the same way. On-screen, John Wayne was the quintessential American cowboy. He was the lawman who tamed wild towns. He was a man who stood up for the mistreated. He was the iron-willed Westerner who wouldn’t back down. He was a cavalry trooper. He is, and always will be, America’s undisputed Western film icon.

Off-screen, he was steadfast, unflinching. John Wayne never missed the opportunity to share his love for America. He was a proud American who wasn’t afraid to speak up and show his unwavering support for our great nation. If you asked him about freedom, he’d say it was our most valuable national treasure.

Read the rollmark on the barrel of any Henry and you’ll find the words: Made in USA. Besides its strong “Made in America” reputation, Henry Repeating Arms is a family-owned business, and America’s leading lever-action rifle manufacturer. The attention to detail in the design of the Henry Big Boy Carbine features the kind of Western-styling Duke would have appreciated— including a large loop lever.

In his Western roles, John Wayne often carried a lever-action rifle. He certainly liked firearms with power and authority, and the Big Boy Carbine would have fit the bill perfectly, especially with it being a completely American-made firearm.

John Wayne went on to appear in over 150 films. Even today, more than 35 years after his death, his name continues to rank among the 10 most popular movie stars in the annual Harris Poll. In 2015, he was ranked Number 2. It’s refreshing that in this new era of internet streaming, cable and satellite TV, John Wayne’s legacy of traditional values only grows more popular. His personal convictions were as timeless as his best performances: this is his eternal appeal.

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